Fishing on Misaw Lake at Sunrise
Renowned Northern Fishing Experience for Pike, Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling

One Visit Here and You’ll be Hooked!

Welcome to Misaw Lake Lodge, where an exhilarating adventure awaits. If you’re looking for a northern Canadian fishing experience to rival all others, you may have just found it! Due to our untouched location, low fishing pressure, and diligent conservation efforts we’ve become known around the world for our trophy size fish, particularly the “King of the North”, northern pike, hailed as the fiercest and most thrilling of all freshwater game fish!

Our season runs from mid-June to through August, offering amazing fishing for huge northern pike, lake trout, and Arctic grayling. Each day on the lake with your experienced guide offers the opportunity to catch trophy pike and trout!

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Giant Northern Pike
“The entire experience from start to finish was outstanding. The lakes provided an opportunity realized to catch three species of fish native to the area. I reached the grand slam catching trophy northern pike, lake trout and Arctic grayling.”John G.

Pike, Trout, Grayling...oh my! The choice is up to you.

Northern Pike


The meaning behind our name says it all…Misaw in the Cree language means, “It is big.” And the fishing adventure truly lives up to its name. Our location provides you with exclusive access to...

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Lunker Lake Trout


Our lakes and rivers harbor a vast number of lake trout and on any given day, your electronics screen can be covered with fish. Each season fishermen catch and release trophies in the...

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Arctic Grayling


The "Sailfish of the North", Arctic grayling have truly stunning colors on their fringed dorsal fin. Their vibrant colours are particularly dramatic on larger grayling, of which there are plenty at Misaw…

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Come Experience What All the Talk Is About!

Matt Straw - Senior Writer, In-Fisherman Magazine

Misaw Lake Lodge has been recognized by Field and Stream as one of the top fishing lodges in North America! And they’re not the only ones talking…Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, The Next Bite, North American Fishing Club, In Fisherman, Fly Fishing Quarterly, New Jersey Record, Detroit Free Press and fishermen from around North America talk about Misaw Lodge. Chances are you’ll add your own acclamation after a visit!

Located on the 59th parallel; almost 800 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba and only 15 minutes from the Northwest Territories border, our massive allocation of exclusive lakes and rivers encompasses the far northeastern corner of Saskatchewan, covering over 3,500 square miles. Some of our 16 exclusive lakes and rivers have never been fished by sport fishermen. Be among some of the first anglers to experience this untouched territory!


  • Misaw Lake
  • Schwandt River
  • Kohn Lake
  • Apipuyew Lake
  • Baily Lake
  • Goyer Lake
  • Bonooski Lake
  • Gebhard Lake
  • Hutcherson Lake
  • Patterson Lake
  • Nunim Lake
  • Wapiyao ake
  • Wayow Lake
  • Many Islands Lake
  • Keseechewun Lake
  • Hamill Lake


"I've been to many lodges multiple times. Even at the finest lodges on the best waters in North America, you're bound to have a disappointing trip now and again. Everywhere but Misaw Lake. At least, that's been my experience. I've been to Misaw more often than any other lodge and it's never been disappointing. The fishing is consistent. Every day at Misaw, opportunities arise to put a really big northern in the cradle. Lake trout fishing has always been steady, and the quality of the many new fly-out opportunities adds the prospect of a truly huge laker to the picture while adding even more dimensions to the pursuit of big pike. From the Schwandt River to every kind of lake-fishing presentation, top choices for lures and techniques run the gamut. Consistency means never having to say you're sorry you chose Misaw."

Senior Writer, In-Fisherman Magazine
Matt Straw

In-Fisherman Magazine
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