Elevated view of Misaw Lake Lodge area
Sights and Scenery

A Peaceful Haven

Our remote location doesn’t just put you a cast away from trophy fish, it also provides a peaceful haven to take in the beautiful scenery and Canadian wildlife. Saskatchewan is known as The Land of the Living Skies due to the enchanting sunrises and mesmerizing sunsets. The open skies and rugged northern landscape at Misaw lend a unique atmosphere to unwind after a big day on the water. The brief night sky also offers up the chance to see the magical wonder of the Aurora Borealis! In the later part of the season, the northern lights often dance over the lodge creating a beautiful show.

View of Float Plane at the Dock at Misaw Lake Lodge at Sunset
Northern Lights on the Lake

Misaw Lake lies in the sub-arctic transition zone, where the boreal forest starts to give way to the tundra, showcasing a unique landscape. In-between casts you will also have lots of wildlife viewing opportunities. Common wildlife sightings include moose, black bears, wolves, and Arctic fox, not to mention the endless bird species in the area. While there have been sightings of caribou from time to time, they are more common in the winter months.

With 15 fly-out lakes and rivers at your disposal, some which have never been fished, you’ll have plenty to admire!

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